Sony Reader Pocket Edition PRS-300SC Review

Sony Reader Pocket Edition PRS-300SC Review

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The Sony Reader Pocket Edition PRS 300SC is a nice compact e-reader. It is available in three colors; Blue, Rose, and Silver.  It has a sharp 5-inch display screen making it smaller than the Kindle 2.

Its small size makes the PRS 300SC fit comfortably in one hand when reading.

The font size is adjustable. The battery life is decent, Sony says you should get up

to 7,000 page turns, or about two weeks of usage, from a single charge.

Sony’s e-book library software is compatible with both windows and Mac, with the best selling e-books costing $9.99 like with Amazon. Epub file compatibility lets you access tons of free classic books from Google and loaner files from many local libraries.

The Sony Reader Pocket Edition lets you display Word, TXT, RTF, BBeb and PDF files.

There are issues some potential buyers do not like on this e-reader.

The biggest one is the memory. 512MB memory is not expandable like others meaning you can only carry about 350 books.

The lithium ion battery is not replaceable. You would have to send the unit back to Sony to replace the battery.

Due to its compact size the screen can be too small for some people making it difficult to read.

You have a limited zoom function with PDF files. PRS-300SC cannot display JPEGs or play back MP3 files.

The USB charging only works from PCs making it difficult if you would like a quick charge.

The Sony Reader Pocket Edition PRS-300 is a nice compact e-reader with a lot of pros and cons.

If you are looking for an e-reader to accompany you on trips and are okay with its basic feature set and are not looking in spending a few hundred dollars this device may be a great buy for you. The fact that the PRS-300 has Epub file compatibility make this a very good e-reader to look in too.

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Sony Reader Pocket Edition PRS-300SC Review, 3.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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