Kobo Mini Review

Kobo Mini Review

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When trying to find an alternative to an e-reader that is not a Kindle or Nook can be challenging.

The Kobo Mini is a nice “little” e-reader to consider.

The Mini has a 5-inch touch screen that is glare-free and fingerprint-resistant and a power button on the top of the device.

Making it very compact at 5.2 x 4 x 0.4in (120 x 133 x 10 mm), and weighting about 4 ounces the Mini will not take up much space where ever you take it.

It’s available in black or white, with 3 interchangeable backs: Ruby, Purple, and Teal.

It has an 800MHz processor. 2GB internal memory but only 1GB is for usable storage and no microSD slot to expand memory. But all your e-books are stored safely on the cloud.

It also supports Epub files with or without DRM copy protection making the Mini and open device and able for you to purchase Epub books from Epub compatible store (meaning Apple Store and Amazon are out) as long as you have Adobe Digital Edition on your computer.

This can be a setback for the Mini because it can limit the selection of e-books and e-magazines to choose from.

When you turn off the WiFi setting the Mini can go about a month without recharging (only about two weeks with WiFi on). If you purchase a third party e-book or would like to load a library loaner to the Mini, tethering to a PC is required.

You have 7 font styles with 24 font sizes and excusive weight and sharpness settings. It also comes with a built-in Dictionary with 13 different language options.

You also can highlight text, type notes, and you are able to share on Facebook and Twitter.

With its 16 levels on grey scale, you don’t have to worry about eye fatigue.

The Mini will make reading recommendations based on your preferences and your feedbacks with Kobo picks and their Social reading features.

With the Mini’s generic design, basic features, and cheaper price tag this e-reader is be a great consideration when looking into purchasing one. You get exactly what you are looking for, if all you are looking for is an e-reader just for reading and don’t mind having to plugging it in for up-loads.

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Kobo Mini Review, 3.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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