Kindle Fire HD 7” Review

Kindle Fire HD 7” Review

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The new Kindle is no longer ‘just’ a tool to help people read their e-book contents; it has become a powerful tablet that they can use for working as well as enjoying high quality entertainment.

The new Kindle Fire HD 7″ comes with faster and powerful processor, allowing users to enjoy quick browsing performance with great modified features, such as the sound, the internet connectivity, and even the camera.

The tablet can still be used to read e-books or e-mags, but now users can do more than just reading.

They can listen to their favorite tunes, thanks to the powerful Dolby audio technology that can be customized and the existence of the stereo speakers.

Users can always connect their device easily to the internet with the dual band Wi-Fi. They can also enjoy the flexibility of checking their emails or their social accounts, such as Twitter or Facebook easily. They can stream videos or movies or enjoy fun games, such as Angry Birds, Where’s My Water, and so many more.

If users are going to allow their kids use the gadget, they can adjust the setting of which apps or programs their kids can access and which can’t.

When users read the device’s 16 GB review, they can see that there are lots of programs, software, and stuffs that they can keep within this tablet. This device will be a very handy tool for working as well as enjoying various entertainment programs.

However, some users dislike several things about this device. First of all, they are a bit annoyed with the ads since the ads keep showing on the screen. Some users don’t have problems with it, but some others do.

Second, some parts of the device are plastic-y and they are easily scratched. Third, the battery meter comes in graphic bar mode. Some users feel that it will be better if it can come in percentage mode because it will make them easier to know when to charge their gadget.

All in all, this device is powerful and handy enough, especially when people want to have a multifunctional gadget that can do it all. For a device less than $200, this one is certainly a great bargain.

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