Barnes & Noble NOOK eBook reader (WiFi-3G) [B&W] Review

Barnes & Noble NOOK eBook reader (WiFi-3G) [B&W] Review

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The Barnes & Noble NOOK eBook reader (WiFi + 3G) [B&W] is a good e-reader to consider buying.

It has a 6″ display screen with 16 different shades of grey as well as a separate color capacitive touch screen that lets you navigate content and use a virtual keyboard for typing searches and annotations not offered on the kindle.

It is 7.7 inches long by 4.9 inches wide by 0.5 inch thick. the device’s plastic back plate is removable and the lithium ion battery is replaceable (the microSD slot can also be accessed by removing the cover).

Large library with tens of thousands of e-books, as well as newspapers and magazines.

Built-in free wireless data network, plus Wi-Fi connectivity (no PC needed).

Separate capacitive color touch-screen pad for navigation, and a virtual keyboard for notes and annotations.

2GB of internal memory (capable of storing 1,500 electronic books) as well as a microSD expansion slot for additional memory.

Font style and size are adjustable.

Displays image files and plays MP3 music files.

Compatible with Windows and Mac machines.

Battery is removable and user-replaceable.

Allows free browsing of full-text books while within Barnes & Noble stores.

You can lend certain e-books for up to 14 days free of charge.

EPUB format compatibility lets you read free Google Books and loaner e-books from your local library.

Page turn speeds are faster with firmware upgrade.

Users comment that Nook “just looks nicer”.


No protective carrying case included.

Color LCD has an impact on battery life.

In-store reading and loaning capabilities come with notable limits and caveats.

No support for Word or text files.

No ability to download books when outside the U.S., even when on Wi-Fi.

Users Comment on the Nook’s Touch screen not sensitive enough, Frequent crashes, Can’t jump to specific pages.

If you are looking for the touch screen navigation this is not the Device for you.

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Barnes & Noble NOOK eBook reader (WiFi-3G) [B&W] Review, 3.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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