Barnes & Noble NOOK Color eBook Review

Barnes & Noble NOOK Color eBook Review

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People all over the internet realm always opt for a good read. No matter what personal taste and point of views we have, we always go for the one with good finds and impressive content. And one effective way to figure out if a particular eBook is a winning piece, we search for the feedback.

Good feedbacks mean impressive work.

It kind of gives us specific clues about what we are about to purchase, read, or download for ourselves. But the really best way to enjoy what you read is through the use of an awesome eBook reader—which one to consider is the Barnes & Noble NOOK Color eBook reader.
Here are some of the amazing features and advantage of it:

This awesome eBook reader can store up to 1500 books or 2GB memory storage

Displays good retina visual even in sun light

Can connect using Wi-Fi, the screen size allows proper reading

The battery life can allow you to read as many pages as possible

It is 35% lighter than the first version of it

The display is crisp

Responsive touch screen

However, there is also a known issue to consider that comes along with it; the touch screen can sometimes become a bit sluggish—which can test your patience, but will definitely get the hang of it in no time.

Aside from this one downside, everything else is great with the Barnes & Noble Nook eBook reader that makes it the right and classy way of reading your favorite eBooks.

However, if you are more specific on less-bashing item then you might need some reinforcement help you decide. There are just some who are very particular with over-all quality performance, like the consistency of the display.

If you find this one condign for your reading needs then go for it.

Reading eBooks can be fun if you have the right gadget to use to make it more fun and worthwhile.

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Barnes & Noble NOOK Color eBook Review, 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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